About us

CTSA - Comercial Transexport, S.A.

TRANSEXPORT is one of the historical transit companies of Barcelona. Founded in 1969, we have an exceptional track record and experience.

Our family business organization and our personalized style allow us to offer a close customer relationship, always attentive to your needs and concerns.

It is for this reason that after almost 50 years of business trajectory, Comercial Transexport, SA continues to maintain the same energy and confidence, facing the future with strength and rewarding the loyalty of our clients with a special treatment, with solutions to the size of each of its challenges and with a reliable and economic service.

The challenge to adapt to the constant changes of our time, allows us to offer our customers the maximum confidence and professionalism in the development of our work in logistics and freight transport.

Reliability and clarity

Any company with important transportation needs will sooner or later discover the need for a reliable supplier with the reliability and clarity of a company in which each customer counts, each transport is treated with the required involvement and each term and Concern listened with attention.

Transportation is an essential axis in your business strategy, choosing the right company is essential. A quality product requires a quality transportation service.

At Comercial Transexport we have been responding to this currency for many years and that is why we have evolved to the extent that our clients' needs demanded it.

At present it is not enough to have a long experience, a great network of agents, the most competitive rates or the most advanced means and systems. It is important to deliver the goods on time and make the most difficult one simple. The best way to achieve this goal is when the freight forwarder becomes a natural extension of the client company.

We adapt to your needs, we identify with your problems and we are involved in your goals, aware that the success of our customers are also our successes.

This important involvement in our work, with a team of specialists ready to face all the challenges, is what makes the difference.

A commitment that has existed for almost 50 years and that allows us to give solution to your needs.


By road, sea & air

By means of an extensive network of correspondents and present collaborators in several countries in Catalonia, Spain and Europe and across our services of grupaje, complete loads, parcel service and express; we offer all kinds of solutions to the logistic needs of our clients. All this managed by a human, dynamic and effective equipment. If you need a trustworthy and effective collaborator for his transport, do not hesitate to contact us. Discover all our services.

Company history

National & international Transport

1969 - Founded in 1969, our experience and dedication allow us to offer a service of great quality. We have an experience of almost 50 years. Throughout this time we have been improving our service to offer a personalized treatment adapting to his company of ideal and effective form.

We have been evolving inside the new technologies to be able to offer the technical necessary service.

We offer competitive prices, seriousness, rapidity, efficiency, control and personalized treatment, to the measure of his needs.