Storage & Distribution

Storage & Distribution

CTSA - Comercial Transexport, S. A. has its own warehouses, from which we can offer a wide range of possibilities to manage your orders to the final destination.

- Storage and distribution at room temperature or refrigerated.
- Cross Docking for goods with immediate reception and redistribution in Catalonia, Spain and Portugal.
- Picking (order preparation) and packing (order packing)
- We manufacture customized pallets.
- Local and national logistics.
- Various manipulations.

We offer the maximum flexibility to develop specific logistic projects helping our clients to consolidate loads, reduce costs and improve service for the final customer, all with maximum visibility and traceability.
We have cold rooms with temperatures of 5ºC and 15ºC respectively.
We manufacture pallets to the needs of repaletització and redistribución of our clients.
From our warehouse we offer a distribution service throughout the peninsula and islands complete and reliable.

Peninsular distribution

- Distribution throughout the peninsula in service from 24 to 48 hours.
- Express distribution by parcel.
- Complete and fractional loading in any point of the peninsula.
- Service at room temperature and refrigerated.

Distribution in the Balearic Islands

- Daily departures in Mallorca.
- Departures almost daily in Ibiza and Menorca.
- Deliveries to all the islands of the archipelago.

Distribution in the Canary Islands

- Biweekly departures.
- Customs service (import / export) and home delivery
- Deliveries to all the islands of the archipelago.

Distribution in Ceuta and Melilla

- Weekly departures.
- Management of dispatches.

Our transport and distribution services, defined by the term, day and time band, are suitable for combined shipments of palletized parcels and merchandise, with wide limits of weights and measures.

As a qualified company, we offer several versions of our basic service, with transit times and regular deliveries, guaranteed on a continuous or timely basis according to demand.

Our customers have the possibility to choose several levels of speed in the distribution, being the shipments with times of transit more (more than 48 hours) cheaper than the shipments with more urgency.


By road, sea & air

By means of an extensive network of correspondents and present collaborators in several countries in Catalonia, Spain and Europe and across our services of grupaje, complete loads, parcel service and express; we offer all kinds of solutions to the logistic needs of our clients. All this managed by a human, dynamic and effective team. If you need a trustworthy and effective collaborator for his transport, do not hesitate to contact us. Discover all our services.

Company history

National & international Transport

1969 - Founded in 1969, our experience and dedication allow us to offer a service of great quality. We have an experience of almost 50 years. Throughout this time we have been improving our service to offer a personalized treatment adapted to your company in an ideal and effective form.

We have been evolving inside the new technologies to be able to offer the technical necessary service.

We offer competitive prices, seriousness, rapidity, efficiency, control and personalized treatment, to the measure of his needs.