The Company

CTSA- Comercial Transexport, S.A.
Comercial Transexport , S.A. is a family business founded in 1969 by Rainer Strähle. In the years that have passed since then, the company has worked faithfully, guided by a vocation and approach to service that is aimed at meeting market needs at a time when exports to Europe and the rest of the world have increased significantly.
Our team of professionals and a very special philosophy are the driving forces of the success enjoyed by Comercial Transexport, S.A. Our human capital has always been the company’s greatest asset, efficiently supervising all the services we provide to our clients, and personalising and focusing all our actions until they are fully executed.
Our company is organised into three business areas: international freight transport, national transport and distribution and specialized logistics services.
We are a freight forwarder that can offer a wide range of logistic solutions to our customers for their transport needs. All this with great reliability, a fast transit time and highly competitive rates.
Our location was selected because of its advantageous geographical location and infrastructure for all of our customers and suppliers. We are a dedicated, high quality company and are always ready to provide continuity and transparency in all aspects of freight forwarding.


By road, sea & air

By means of an extensive network of correspondents and present collaborators in several countries in Catalonia, Spain and Europe and across our services of grupaje, complete loads, parcel service and express; we offer all kinds of solutions to the logistic needs of our clients. All this managed by a human, dynamic and effective team. If you need a trustworthy and effective collaborator for your transports, do not hesitate to contact us. Discover all our services.

Company history

National & international Transport

1969 - Founded in 1969, our experience and dedication allow us to offer a service of great quality. We have an experience of almost 50 years. Throughout this time we have been improving our service to offer a personalized treatment adapted to your company in an ideal and effective form.

We have been evolving inside the new technologies to be able to offer the technical necessary service.

We offer competitive prices, seriousness, rapidity, efficiency, control and personalized treatment, to the measure of his needs.